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Holiday Traveling: What to do with your Pets

As a pet owner, of both a dog and a cat, I can only imagine the trouble of wondering what to do with your pets while traveling for the holidays.

Whether you are leaving for a few days or over a month, you have three choices of what to do with your furry friends while you are away from home.

  • Your pets stay home and you get a pet sitter
  • Take your pet somewhere to be taken care of
  • Your pet joins you on your travel

If you are having trouble choosing what to do, recall the time length of your travel or your budget of how much you want to spend on your pets to help you decide.


My cat, Luna, wondering if she’ll be traveling or at home for the holidays.

If you decide to let your pet stay home, get yourself a professional pet sitter or someone reliable to watch your pets. Cats and kittens are recommended to stay at home to avoid the uncertainty of a new area. At home your feline friend, along with your dog, will be in a familiar environment and will feel more comfortable, all they need is someone to check up on them daily. Perhaps buy them a new toy while you are gone to help keep them entertained. Whether you choose a pet sitter or a close friend you will know your pet is safe at home.

You can also choose to take your animal to another location to be looked after. You can once again get a professional pet sitter, ask a close friend or relative, or even take them to a pet hotel. (Sounds luxurious for them right?)  If you decide to choose a pet hotel to look after your pet, you will be at ease knowing these places have appropriate facilities and staff to take proper care of your animal. Some pet sitters will watch after your dog or cat in their own home, along with your relative or friend, however, if they have other animals living there it may cause your pet stress. Besides that you will feel secure leaving your pet with someone you trust and your pet will avoid a less chance of loneliness.

Your last option would be to take your pet with you for the trip. Although animals can travel by land, air, and sea, it is important to know the pet policies for each and highly recommended to only take them if you are leaving to one place for a long time. The easiest way to travel with your pet is by car in which you would need portable pet carriers and seat belts. Remember safety comes first and it is important to prevent your pet from roaming around because it can be a distraction to the driver. If you decide to go on an airplane with your pet, you must understand the airline’s pet policies, have your pet’s passport, rent rooms in pet-friendly hotels, and be up to date with all of your pet’s travel information such as vaccinations. You should also recognize that each state and country has different requirements when entering with your pet. In some cases it may require a long period of time before you can even bring your pet into the new country.

The holidays are approaching and if you are still wondering what to do with your pet try to put their interests first. Only you know your pet best and if they are obedient and well-trained than perhaps taking them with you would not be a bad idea. However, if your pet has a tough time being around others, perhaps it is better to leave them at home or with someone you trust. Try to see where your pet would be happiest and regardless of which choice you choose you might be surprised how well your pet adapts.

Happy holidays and best of luck!


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