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The Perfect Holiday Gift: A Pawfect Pup

The past month my boyfriend has asked me the most popular question this season, “What would you like for Christmas?” Instantly, my mind shouted, “A puppy!”

On February 6, 2016, I came home to an open gate with my dog, Lily, missing. I frantically drove through neighborhoods until 3 a.m. without any luck of finding her. I posted hundreds of lost dog flyers and visited the pet shelter weekly. Unfortunately, I never found Lily, my heart was shattered. I had Lily for over 10 years and although I will never be able to replace her presence the idea of a new puppy in the family sounds like the beginning of a new chapter.


My lost dog, Lily, maltese/ poodle mix, still missing. Photo Taken by Me.

So, should I ask for a puppy for Christmas? I am still unsure of whether to confirm my Christmas wish list, however I would say a puppy would be a wonderful holiday gift. If you are planning to get someone a puppy remember to ask if they are willing to bring in a new member into the family. I would suggest that if you do want to give a puppy as a gift, check out your local animal shelter for adoption. During this holiday season, local animal shelters offer great specials and affordable prices and each animal available for adoption is spayed or neutered, micro-chipped and evaluated by a veterinarian. If you are still looking into what to get your loved one for the holidays starting looking for the “pawfect” pup now! Your special loved one or your family member would love and cherish it.


2 thoughts on “The Perfect Holiday Gift: A Pawfect Pup

  1. So sad about the loss of Lily. Hope that somebody found her and took her in. Yes the best place to find an animal is at the animal shelter. They are all looking for a loving home. My dog Tina also comes from a shelter and she is my best friend I ever had.

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